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Total Rewards Strategy

Creating a Total Rewards Program can be daunting, but you must focus on these two things:

  1. Who are you trying to attract to work for you?

  2. How will the rewards enrich their lives in the way they desire?

Create your Total Reward Principles around what kind of talent you need!

Your Total Rewards Program should focus on the following:

  1. Environment: Is there flexibility? Is there job autonomy?

  2. Development & Recognition

    1. Career Pathing

    2. Learning & Development

    3. Coaching

    4. Recognition

  3. Benefits: Think beyond medical benefits. What other benefits do you offer?

  4. Compensation: Think Base Salary, Incentives, Bonus, Commission, Equity; things that turn into cash.

If your business needs help to build a Total Rewards Package, or assistance with Human Resources, we can help!

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