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Strategic Recruiting & Onboarding Tips

It's essential to have a strategic recruiting and onboarding approach in your company. Often a manager will come to me and say, "we need to fill the position as quickly as possible," not wanting to take the time to find the right person. By having this type of approach, a company stands to lose financially. By hiring strategically and taking the time to find the right person, the company will be set up for long-term success.

Here are a few tips:

When hiring, you want to do market research to know not only what your competitors are paying but how they are branded and how they are recruiting.

You want to ask, "What are our company goals for next year? What are our strategic initiatives? Do we have the human capital to meet those challenges next year? When should we fill these roles next year? (Q1,2,3,4) and Can we adequately fund these roles?"

Your strategy should address challenges the company has faced in recruiting and retention and how to overcome them. In addition, you'll want to pinpoint the ideal candidate and how you will attract them. When advertising for the position, remember not to use your job description (check out my other post on job posting versus a job ad).

In HR, we know everyone in the company is our customer but so are our candidates! Remember to think of the candidate's experience. What is the current candidate's experience, and how can you improve it?

You want candidates who are hired to have a smooth experience from the time of applying all the way through the onboarding process. Good onboarding does not stop on day one of the candidates being hired; it goes at least six months to make sure the candidate is fully integrated socially and culturally. I suggest using an onboarding checklist for each employee to ensure the process is consistent with every hire.

Also, provide the employee with an agenda for the first few weeks, involving as many people as possible and ensuring the employee gets regular positive and constructive feedback.

These steps to being more strategic in your talent acquisition process can make a significant impact!

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