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Four Reasons Your Business Needs Human Resources

There are many reasons that your business needs HR, but here are the first four that come to mind:

  1. Strategic Management: You need to be able to focus on your business and let HR step in to help your business grow the right way. HR strategic leaders help with corporate decision-making that looks at current staffing and puts together projections for future workforce needs based on business demand. In addition, Human Resources support your company (through risk management, compliance, and payroll accuracy) and your employees (via effective engagement and management).

  2. Compliance: HR ensures that your company complies with all local, state, and federal employment laws. This involves managing I-9 forms that establish each employee's U.S. citizenship. HR is also concerned with labor laws. The Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act are among them.

  3. Hiring & Retaining Top Talent: The hiring process is where great employee experiences begin. HR collaborates with you to oversee the recruitment of new staff. They devise strategies for attracting and retaining the best employees for your company. This includes the following:

    • Job description writing

    • Job Advertisement Placement

    • Reviewing resumes and applications

    • Reference checks and interviews

    • Background Checks

    • Job Offers

The job also includes handling layoffs and terminations. These processes have employer regulation ramifications, which HR employees are aware of.

4. Workplace Safety & Conflict Resolution: HR must implement safety procedures even in organizations where employees work at desks. For example, HR needs to make sure that staff only lifts items that are light enough, not rush around the workplace, or participate in horseplay. These are the kind of activities that might result in employee injuries and workers' compensation claims.

Another important aspect of your HR team's responsibilities is conflict resolution. For example, employees might get on each other's nerves and misbehave. While managers should handle these concerns in real-time, situations can exasperate and warrant HR intervention.

If you need assistance with Human Resources or need to strategize on what's the best solution for your company, contact us so we can help you.

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