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5 Predictors For HR In 2023


1. Hybrid work schedules will continue to evolve.

Hybrid work schedules are here to stay! Despite some companies calling employees back into the office, some companies are piloting a four-day workweek. More than 70 U.K. companies participated in a six-month pilot of a four-day workweek. Early results show that productivity was maintained or improved at 95% of participating firms.

2. Professional development will be a top priority

If you're not watering your flowers, you're not helping them grow! Employees want to learn, and Professional development will help companies prepare for a period of economic uncertainty and retain top talent. Instead of hiring new talent, managers will train workers to have the needed skills to sustain their business.

3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will become an employee expectation.

Employees expect companies to support DE&I policies and want to work for companies with a shared purpose that extends beyond profit and keeps the company and its employees moving toward a collective goal of creating a better, more sustainable world.

4. Pay transparency is going to be more common

19 U.S. states have laws around pay transparency, requiring employers to provide salary information to job candidates. Employees want Pay Transparency, and not only will it benefit employees to have this knowledge, but it will also help with recruiting.

5. Emotional and financial well-being will be a top priority

At least one of your employees will or has experienced at least one mental health challenge at some point in their lives. 2 out of 3 U.S. employers plan to make employee mental health and emotional well-being programs one of their top three health priorities over the next three years.With economic uncertainty and soaring inflation, financial well-being also will be a top concern this year.

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